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La Puerta de Ishtar

Para hablar del juego de rol La Puerta de Ishtar

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Traduccion ?

Udo Femi
  14-05-2017, 8:10a.m.

(Sorry, it's almost the only word in spanish I know) :)

Will there ever be a english (or french) translation of La Puerta de Ishar ? I'm a bug fan of Spears & Sandales/Sword & Sorcery games, ans this one set up in a babylonian tome that never was is just too appealing. Not tout mention the game rules which look great too.

I'm dying to play this game, I even purchased the PDF though I cannot read spanish.

Take care !

Rodrigo García Carmona
  16-05-2017, 8:13a.m.

Hi Udo,

Sorry for making you wait, but I had to ask my French publisher for permission. ;)

And that means that yes, La Puerta de Ishtar is going to be published in French! A company I cannot disclose yet is hard at work with the translation.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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  17-05-2017, 6:01a.m.

A la Vache!

Udo Femi
  3-07-2017, 8:28a.m.

Hi thanks for the answer ! Now you can disclose it, it has been officially announced by La Loutre Rôliste ;) Happy to know that it should be available sometimes next year in french :)

Rodrigo García Carmona
  5-07-2017, 6:26a.m.

Yes! The amazing people of La Loutre Roliste. :)

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